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Pervolia tou Trikomou is a village situated midway between Trikomo and Famagusta bay, located only a mile away from each. In 1960, this village was solely inhabited by Turkish Cypriots. The name means “the gardens of Trikomo” in Greek. In 1958, Turkish Cypriots changed the name to Bahçeler, meaning “gardens.” There is no record of its existence in the Ottoman census of 1831, indicating that the village was developed after this date. By looking at the names attributed to it, we can safely assume that it had been developed out of a chiftlik or a farm. 
Historical Population

As can be seen from the chart above, Bahçeler was a mixed village until sometime after 1946. The Greek Cypriot portion of the population fluctuated between 10% and 47%. The reason for this fluctuation could be attributed to seasonal workers who were employed on the farms for certain months of the year. It is not clear from the census records when Greek Cypriots ceased to live in the village, and the reason for this movement needs to be further studied. Until 1946, the number of Turkish Cypriots in the village also fluctuated between 60 and 80 persons. However, due to undetermined reasons, the Turkish Cypriot population of the village also significantly declined, from 79 in 1946 to 44 in 1960.


Although all of the village’s Greek Cypriot population left the village after 1946 due to unknown reasons, the first recorded conflict-related displacement took place in 1963-64, when all of the Turkish Cypriots of the village fled to the nearby Turkish villages of Ovgoros/Ergazi(179), Agios Iakovos/Altınova(121) and Avgolida/Kurtuluş(132). Although the 1973 micro census recorded 46 Turkish Cypriots living in the village, Turkish Cypriot sources claim that most of the displaced persons from this village remained in the locations where they had sought refuge and did not return to the village.

Current Inhabitants:

Most of the former Turkish Cypriot inhabitants of the village returned to settle in their former village, but many others chose to settle in nearby abandoned Greek Cypriot villages such as Trikomo/Yeni İskele(198). Currently, displaced persons from Larnaca(361) constitute the majority in the village. In the early 1980s, the village became a neighborhood of Trikomo/Yeni İskele(198).  

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