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Paralimni is a village in the southeast of Cyprus, located on the south side of the Green Line, situated ten kilometers south of the city of Famagusta and on the road to Agia Napa. Paralimni means “by the lake” in Greek. In 1986, Paralimni became a municipality, and it is also the administrative center of Famagusta district, including the areas not controlled by the Republic of Cyprus.
Historical Population:

As can be seen from the chart above, in the Ottoman census of 1831, the village was solely inhabited by Christians. Throughout the British period as well, the village’s only inhabitants were Greek Cypriots, apart from a small number of Turkish Cypriots who appear in the records for short periods of time. The village’s population steadily increased from 837 in 1891 to 3,477 in 1960.


From its original population no one was displaced; however, after 1974, the village served as a reception centre for many displaced Greek Cypriots, mainly from the Famagusta district.

Current Inhabitants:

Today the village is occupied by its original inhabitants and many displaced Greek Cypriots from various villages in the Famagusta district, along with many persons who have moved there from other parts of Cyprus and abroad, built homes, and settled there. Many persons working in the tourist industry in surrounding areas also live in Paralimni. In addition, it has a large number of vacation homes so that its population swells during holiday seasons. The last recorded census of 2001 put the population at 11,091.    

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