Welcome to ‘Internal Displacement in Cyprus’,the website of the project ‘Dialogue for Trust-Building and Reconciliation: Cypriots Seeking New Approaches to the Property Issue’. The project, which is initiated and run by the PRIO Cyprus Centre (PCC), is funded by the EU Commission(under the ‘aid regulation  for the benefit of the Turkish Cypriot community’; reference: Europeaid/127215/L/ACT/CY).

As a result of inter-communal violence in the 1950s and 1960s, and then the war and subsequent division of the island in 1974, many Greek and Turkish Cypriots lost their homes and properties. Establishing the rights of these displaced persons is still an outstanding issue. This complex and divisive issue is a central theme in the ongoingUN-sponsored inter-communal negotiations for a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem. It also weighs heavily on public expectations for such a settlement. The PCC’s purpose in this project is to help Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots achieve a better understanding of their conflicting perspectives and concerns. Such mutual understandinghas been hindered by a number of longstanding obstacles:
The project seeks to contribute toward overcoming these obstacles by facilitating dialogue and making research-based documentationand analysis available, including online. Its activities take place under the following headings: