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Koutsovendis is located in the Kyrenia district of Cyprus, about two and a half kilometers south of Buffavento Castle and on the southern slopes of the Kyrenia range. Before 1974, the village was solely inhabited by Greek Cypriots. It is generally believed that it takes its name after Agios (Saint) Khrysostomos, the founder of the monastery situated in the vicinity of the village. In 1975 Turkish Cypriots changed its name to Güngör, after a Turkish officer (Tuncer Göngör) who was killed during the Turkish military offensive in 24 July 1974 in nearby village Sichari/Aşağı Taşkent.
Historical Population

As can be seen from the chart above, in the Ottoman census of 1831, Christians constituted the only inhabitants of the village. At the turn of the century there were only one or two Muslims in the village. Its population steadily increased from 39 in 1891 to 163 in 1960.


All of the village’s inhabitants were displaced in 1974, as in July they fled from the advancing Turkish army to the southern part of the island. Currently, like the rest of the displaced Greek Cypriots, the Greek Cypriots of this village are scattered throughout the island’s south. The number of the Koutsovendis Greek Cypriots who were displaced in 1974 was around 185 (183 in the1973 census).

Current Inhabitants:

Today the village is a semi-military camp. There are only three or four civilian families living in the village. The 2006 Turkish Cypriot census puts Güngör’s population at 140.   

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