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Asomatos is a village located in the Kyrenia district of Cyprus, nine kilometers northwest of Skylloura/Yılmazköy and five kilometers southeast of Myrtou/Çamlıbel. This village was always inhabited chiefly by Maronites. The village of Asomatos is the second largest Maronite settlement, after the village of Kormakitis. The village’s name means “without body” in Greek. In 1975 Turkish Cypriots changed its name to Gökhan, after a Turkish soldier who was killed in the village during the Turkish army’s offensive in 1974.  
Historical Population

As can be seen from the chart above, in the Ottoman census of 1831, Christians (Maronites) constituted the only inhabitants of this settlement. The population rose steadily during the British period, increasing from 219 in 1891 to 497 in 1960.


Most of the village’s inhabitants were immediately displaced in 1974, as between July and August 1974 they fled from the advancing Turkish army to the southern part of the island. Although some villagers, continued to reside in Asomatos, by April 1978 there were approximately 50 Maronites residing in the village. Today, there are only two very old Maronite women still living there. Currently, like the rest of the displaced Greek Cypriots and Maronites, most of the Maronites of Asomatos are scattered throughout the island’s south, with large pockets in Nicosia(074). The displaced population of Asomatos can be estimated to be around 530 (527 in 1973).


Current Inhabitants:

Today there are only two very old Maronite women still living in the village, since the rest of the inhabitants fled to the south. The village is presently used as a military camp. Maronites may visit the village to celebrate mass in the church, but only on Sundays and with limited time restrictions. Despite the difficulties, many people who formerly lived in the village still try to attend the Sunday masses.



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