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Klavdia is a village situated in the Larnaca district, ten kilometers west of the town of Larnaca and five kilometers northeast of Alethriko. The origin of the name is obscure, but Goodwin believes that the name derives from the Roman name Claudia. In 1958, Turkish Cypriots adopted the alternative name Alaniçi. “Alan” can mean “area” or “open space,” while Alaniçi literally means “within the area.” Alaniçi is also used as a name for many places in Turkey.
Historical Population

As can be seen in the above chart, the village was predominantly inhabited by Turkish Cypriots from the Ottoman period. Throughout the British period, the population of the village fluctuated but eventually increased significantly, rising from 201 persons in 1891 to 524 in 1960.


In 1963 and 1964 the village served as a reception centre for displaced Turkish Cypriot families who evacuated their villages. Richard Patrick recorded 99 displaced Turkish Cypriots still living in the village in 1971. The number of displaced persons was much higher in 1964-68, as most of the displaced Turkish Cypriots living in the village at the time had fled from Pyrga/Çamlıbel(372) in December 1963. The second conflict-related displacement took place during the 1974 war, when in September of that year most of the Klavdia/Alaniçi Turkish Cypriots fled to the north of the Green line. Many also sought refuge in the Dhekelia British Sovereign Base Area until they were resettled in the north. The remaining Turkish Cypriots were evacuated by UNFICYP in August 1975. The majority of the KlavdiaAlaniçi Turkish Cypriots were resettled in Peristerona Pigi(183), a village in the Famagusta district. After the resettlement of the Klavdia Turkish Cypriots, the name of Peristerona Pigi(183) village was also changed to Alaniçi to indicate the origins of its current inhabitants.

Current Inhabitants:

Currently the village is inhabited by displaced Greek Cypriots from the Famagusta district of north. The 2001 census puts the village’s population at 448.


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