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Syrianochori is a village situated north of Morphou/Güzelyurt bay, seven kilometers northwest of the town of Morphou/Güzelyurt. Syrianochori means “village of Syrians” in Greek. In 1975, Turkish Cypriots changed the name to Yayla after the village in the Polis area from which most of them derived (Gialia in Greek, Yayla in Turkish). Yayla means “high plateau” in Turkish. 
Historical Population:

Until 1974, the village was always solely inhabited by Greek Cypriots. Throughout the British period the population of the village increased significantly, from 290 in 1891 to 630 in 1960.


In August 1974, all the Greek Cypriots of the village fled from the advancing Turkish army. Currently, like most of the displaced Greek Cypriots, the Greek Cypriots of Syrianochori are scattered throughout the island’s south, with concentrations in towns. The number of Syrianochori Greek Cypriots who were displaced in 1974 was approximately 800 (775 in the 1973 census).

Current Inhabitants:

Currently the village is mainly inhabited by displaced Turkish Cypriots from Gialia/Yayla(307), a village in the Polis area of the Paphos district. The 2006 Turkish Cypriot census put the village’s population at 775.   

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