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Ornithi, or Ornuta [Ornauta], was a small hamlet located five kilometers west of Assia/Paşaköy in the Nicosia district. Before 1974, it was considered part of the Famagusta district. The name derives from ornitha, meaning “hen” or “fowl” in Greek. It took its name from a chicken farm which once stood in the place where the village developed. It was abandoned in either the 1960s or after the1974 war. Turkish Cypriots still call this place “Ornitis Tavuk çiftliği (farm).” 
Historical Population:

The village or farm was always inhabited solely by Turkish Cypriots. As can be seen from the chart above, in the Ottoman census of 1831, the village was predominantly inhabited by Muslims (Turkish Cypriots). Throughout the British period the village continued to be inhabited solely by Turkish Cypriots. During this period, the population growth of the village showed a downward trend, decreasing steadily from 44 in 1891 to 18 in 1960.


It is not clear whether the village was abandoned in the 1960s or sometime after 1974.

Current Inhabitants:

The village has not been recorded in any censuses which were undertaken after 1974. The area is mainly deserted.


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