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Mammari is a village located in the Nicosia district of Cyprus, seventeen kilometers west of the capital city of Nicosia and three kilometers north of Kokkinotrimithia. It is one of four villages located within the United Nations-controlled buffer zone. The name means “marble” in Greek. The Green Line crosses the northern part of the village and much of the land and the actual village is situated in the buffer zone.
Historical Population:

Mammari has always been a Greek Cypriot village. As may be seen from the chart above, in the Ottoman census of 1831, Greek Cypriots constituted Mammari’s sole inhabitants. The village’s population increased steadily from 241 in 1901 to 839 in 1960.


The Greek Cypriot inhabitants of Mammari were temporarily displaced during 1974, when the Turkish army occupied certain areas near the village, but the later readjustment of the ceasefire line resulted in the Greek Cypriots’ return to the village. As explained above, the village itself is now located in the buffer zone. Much of its land, on the other hand, lies on the other side of the barbed wire, in the north.

Current Inhabitants:

Currently the village is inhabited only by its original Greek Cypriot villagers.   

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