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Kokkina (Koççina) is a village in western Tylliria/Dillirga, situated on the coast between Pomos and Limnitis/Yeşilırmak. The meaning of Kokkina in Greek is “red.” Goodwin claims that the village, or the location where the current village stands, used to be called Ayia Eleni (Saint Helen). Kitchener’s map of 1885 shows only one church and a couple of buildings standing in the place where village is located today. Apparently, no one lived there permanently until 1911. Kutlu Adalı claims that in 1936 the Turkish Cypriot villagers of Kokkina/Erenköy were encouraged to move there from another settlement also called Kokkina, near Alevga situated on Karga hill. When they resettled, they immediately renamed the new village after their former village. However, in 1958, Turkish Cypriots renamed the village Erenköy, meaning “saintly village.” 
Historical Population:

From 1891 to 1960, both the old and new villages of Kokkina were solely inhabited by Turkish Cypriots. Although the growth rate of the population fluctuated in the first decades of the twentieth century, it gradually increased from 151 in 1891 to 299 in 1960.


According to Goodwin, Kokkina/Erenköy was “swollen with Turkish Cypriot refugees during the 1964 intercommunal disturbances.” The Tylliria/Dillirga region, where Kokkina/Erenköy is situated, was the site of harsh confrontation between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities. The Kokkina enclave (comprised of the villages: Kokkina/Erenköy, Mansoura/Mansur(066), Sellain T’api/Selçuklu(095), Agios Theodoros/Bozdağ(009) and Alevga/Alevkaya(014) was also the site of the largest National Guard offensive during the intercommunal conflict that took place between 6 and 9 August 1964. This major attack forced the Turkish Cypriots to evacuate four villages and retreat to a narrow beachhead of Kokkina/Erenköy. They remained there until 1975. In 1971, Richard Patrick recorded 677 displaced Turkish Cypriots who resided in the village. The ultimate success of the above-mentioned National Guard offensive was only prevented by the intervention of Turkish war planes, causing huge military and civilian losses to the Greek Cypriots. Following the 1974 war and the division of the island, Kokkina/Erenköy continued as an enclave, since the Turkish army never reached the village. The village was cut off by the Greek Cypriot village of Pyrgos, which geographically prevented it from uniting with the rest of Turkish-controlled north Cyprus. Eventually, in November 1976, all the villagers from Kokkina and the families displaced in 1964 were transferred to the former Greek Cypriot village of Yialousa/Yeni Erenköy(205) in the Karpasia/Karpaz peninsula, where they currently live.

Current Inhabitants:

The village has remained a Turkish Cypriot military camp since 1976.   

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