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Exometochi,also called Eksemedos, Eksomatos or Eksomedosh, is a village located in the Nicosia district of Cyprus, twenty kilometers east of the capital city of Nicosia and three kilometers southwest of Kourou Manastir/Çukurova. Exometochi means “outside the metochi (church owned estate)” in Greek. In 1975, Turkish Cypriots changed its name to Düzova, meaning “flat plain.”

Historical Population:

The village was always inhabited solely by Greek Cypriots. As can be seen from the chart above, in the Ottoman census of 1831, Christians (Greek Cypriots) constituted the only inhabitants of the village. Throughout the British period the village continued to be exclusively inhabited by Greek Cypriots. During this period, the population of the village showed an upward trend, increasing steadily from 364 in 1891 to 851 in 1960.


All the Greek Cypriots from this village were displaced in August 1974, fleeing from the advancing Turkish army. Currently, like the rest of the displaced Greek Cypriots, the Greek Cypriots of Exometochi are scattered throughout the island’s south, with large pockets in towns. The number of the Exometochi Greek Cypriots who were displaced in 1974 was around 900 (890 in 1973).

Current Inhabitants:

Currently the village is inhabited by displaced Turkish Cypriots from the south. Most came from Goshi(354) and Petrofani(370). However, there are also some displaced families from other villages such as Klavdia(359) and Vuda/Kalo Chorio(356) in the Larnaca district; Agios Sozomenos(008), Potamia(089), Kotsiatis(052) and Mathiatis(069) in the Nicosia district; and Pentakomo(275) in the Limassol district, as well as one family from Akoursos(288), a village in Paphos. The last census of 2001 puts the total population of the village at 624.


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