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Angolemi or Angolem is a Turkish Cypriot village situated in the Lefka/Lefke area, four kilometers northwest of Koutrafas/Kurtboğan and four kilometers east of Petra/Taşköy village. The village was named after its Lusignan owner, who came from Angouleme in today’s France. Until 1958, Turkish Cypriots used the name Angolem for the village. In 1958, they changed the name to Taşpınar, meaning “stone spring.”
Historical Population:

Although the village was predominantly inhabited by Muslims (Turkish Cypriots), there was a small Greek Cypriot community living there in 1921 and 1931. In the 1831 Ottoman census, Muslims (Turkish Cypriots) constituted the sole inhabitants of the village. The village’s population increased steadily from 126 in 1891 to 222 in 1960.


No one was displaced from this village during the intercommunal strife of the 1960s. However, during the same period, the village served as an important reception center for displaced Turkish Cypriots who fled from nearby villages such as Akaki/Akaça(013), Peristerona(085), Koutrafas/Kurtboğan(054), Petra/Dereli(087) (Taşköy after 1975), Flasou(033) and Agios Giorgios(006) of Solea. According to Richard Patrick, in 1971 there were still 100 displaced Turkish Cypriots residing in the village.

Current Inhabitants:

It is currently inhabited only by its original villagers. The last Turkish Cypriot census of 2006 put the village’s population at 212.  

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