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Alevga was a small hamlet situated in the Tylliria/Dillirga region of Cyprus, three kilometers from Pakhyamos and four kilometers from the coast. The meaning of Alevga is obscure. Turkish Cypriots adopted the alternative name of Alevkaya in 1958, literally meaning “flame rock” or “rock in flames.”

Historical Population:

From 1891 to 1960, the village was solely inhabited by Turkish Cypriots. Although the population fluctuated in the first decades of the twentieth century, ultimately there was a steady increase from 60 in 1891 to 123 in 1960.


All the Turkish inhabitants of Alevga/Alevkaya were displaced in 1964. The village was evacuated by UNFICYP in August 1964 when the area was under attack by General Grivas and the Greek Cypriot National Guard in the infamous Tyllira Battle. Most of the Turkish Cypriots of Alevga/Alevkaya sought refuge in the Turkish Cypriot enclave of Kokkina/Erenköy(050). They remained there until 1976 when they were once again moved to the Turkish-controlled part of the island, most settling in the Greek Cypriot village of Yialousa(205) in the Karpasia/Karpaz peninsula.

Current Inhabitants:

The village has remained abandoned since 1964; all of its houses and buildings are in ruins. A few ruined houses are used as sheepfolds by Greek Cypriot shepherds from nearby villages.


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