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Agion, or Agios, Yeorgoudhi was a small hamlet situated adjacent to Sellain T’api/Selçuklu village in the Tylliria/Dillirga region, five kilometers south of Mansoura/Mansur. In 1958, Turkish Cypriots adopted an alternative name, Selçuklu, for Sellain T’api and chose Küçük Selçuklu for Agios Yeorgoudhi. Selçuklu literally means “member of the Selchuk Empire.”
 Historical Population:

From 1891 to 1931, the village was solely inhabited by Turkish Cypriots. During the first decades of the 20th century, the population of the village constantly fluctuated between 33 and 40 persons. Since it became part of the adjacent village of Selain T’api(095) in 1946, it is not possible to determine the population of Agios Yeorgoudhi as a separate village after that year.


All the Turkish inhabitants of Selain T’api(095)  were displaced in1964. The village was evacuated by UNFICYP in August 1964, when the area was under attack by General Grivas and his Greek Cypriot National Guard during the infamous Tylliria Battle. Most of the Turkish Cypriots of Agios Yeorgoudhi sought refuge in the Turkish Cypriot enclave of Kokkina(050). They remained there until 1976 when they were transferred to Yialousa/Yenierenköy(205), a former Greek Cypriot village in the Karpasia/Karpaz peninsula.

Current Inhabitants:

The village has remained abandoned since 1964; all of its houses and buildings are in ruins.  

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