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Agia, or Agia Kebir, is a Turkish Cypriot village situated in the Mesaoria/Mesarya plain, east of Tymbou/Kırklar. According to Goodwin the name Ayia is not associated with the meaning agios (saint); rather, he says, “aia” means road in Greek.He also writes that the village formerly consisted of two small villages, namely Agia Kebir (Big Agia) and Agia Küçük (Little Agia). Until 1958, the Turkish Cypriot alternative name for the village was Agakebir (big Agia). In 1958, they changed the latter name to Dilekkaya, meaning “rock of wishes.”
Historical Population:
From the Ottoman period up to the present day, Agia/Dilekkaya has been inhabited exclusively by Turkish Cypriots. Although the population growth of the village fluctuated in the first decades of the 20th century, it increased steadily from 222 in 1891 to 418 in 1960.

No one was displaced from the village during the intercommunal strife of the 1960s. However, during this period, the village served as a reception center for displaced Turkish Cypriots who had fled from nearby villages such as Agios Sozomenos(008). According to Richard Patrick, in 1971 there were still five displaced Turkish Cypriots residing in the village and receiving a refugee allowance.

Current Inhabitants:
It is currently inhabited only by its original villagers. The last Turkish Cypriot census of 2006 put the village’s population at 590.

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