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Displacement in Cyprus Consequences of Civil and Military Strife Report Series, PRIO Cyprus Centre, June 2012:

1. Life Stories: Greek Cypriot Community by Olga Demetriou

2. Life Stories: Turkish Cypriot Community by Rebecca Bryant

3. Legal Framework in the Republic of Cyprus by Nicos Trimikliniotis and Corina Demetriou

4. Turkish Cypriot Legal Framework by Ayla Gürel

5. An Overview of Events and Perceptions by Ayla Gürel, Mete Hatay, and ChristallaYakinthou

6. Property in the Cyprus Peace Process – Proceedings of the PCC-CEPS Conference 20–21 May 2010 (Brussels) edited by Fiona Mullen

7. Envisioning a Future: Towards a Property Settlement in Cyprus – Proceedings of the PCC Conference 30 September 2011 (Nicosia) edited by Nicos Trimikliniotis and Bozena Sojka

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