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Routes of Displacement and Resettlement

Conflict-related violence between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots first erupted in 1958 and led to mass displacements of people from several mixed villages. In late 1963, when inter-communal fighting broke out again, the displaced were largely Turkish Cypriots (25,000 according to the UN) who abandoned their villages for the security of protected enclaves. Many of their homes were looted and destroyed. In 1974, Greek Cypriots (estimated at around 160,000) fled their places in northern Cyprus to escape the advancing Turkish army. Many of the properties they left behind were also looted, and most were later given to or occupied by Turkish Cypriots who fled or migrated from the south. Greek Cypriot properties were also given to Turkish Cypriots whose homes in the north had earlier been destroyed, as well as to Turkish nationals who immigrated during this period from Turkey. In the south, properties left behind by Turkish Cypriots who moved north in 1974 (estimated at around 45,000) were allocated to Greek Cypriots, primarily refugees. In 1974, there were an estimated total of 215,000 displaced Cypriots, comprising a third of the Greek Cypriot and half of the Turkish Cypriot populations.
The term ‘routes of displacement and resettlement’ refers to historical, geographical and demographic information relating to displacement of Cypriots due to inter-communal conflict from 1958 onwards. The information is organized in terms of places affected by such movements of people. In other words, it is about villages and towns where people were displaced from or were resettled to. The 1960 boundaries and names are used for the districts, and names of villages and towns (in Greek, Turkish and English) are according to currently adopted standards.
On map, click on district name to see the list of villages and towns in that district that have been affected by conflict-related displacement since 1958.

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